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Angel - "If I would have had this when I first started it would have been invaluable"

Mauricio - "With this, you made it almost impossible for us to fail"

Jill - "This book maps out the entire year, and all the SEO to get my shirts in front of buyers. All I need to do is make the designs and list them! Thanks, Life Hacker Couple! This makes the process far less painful."

"You couldn’t ask for a better tool to start you on your journey to building a successful e-commerce store. It’s like being on auto pilot—You show up to work, but the blueprint does all the driving for you. Love it, and would highly recommend!" -April

"I am so excited about this Blueprint. With all of the SEO research done for me... I can focus on my passion... My designs. Since this SEO is proven and based on years of experience... I have absolutely no worries about taking my Etsy store to the next level!  With this valuable tool... I know my store will be a great success!  This is my go to tool for deciding upon my next niche and I love the SEO blocks for my listings! Priceless!"  -Alisha

Alex - "this is the ultimate tool for anyone starting their Etsy shop!! It’s basically plug and play for a business - all you have to do is make some killer designs and plug in the SEO words that Kelsey and Jarran have already vetted for you. In my opinion- SEO is one of the hardest things to master and this tool will actually show you what works as opposed to your taking the time and energy to figure out what the most searched keywords for the niches on Etsy are! I’m so grateful for this tool and I love everything they do!"

"This blueprint takes the guess work of thinking of the SEO to use and also the niches and timeline one can focus on as well. This has been meticulously designed. Hands on pointers to take your business to the next level. Would highly recommend" - Buks Kennedy

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