🎨 Creators Class!

Take the deep dive with me into creation!

You will learn priceless design techniques in an over the shoulder style step by step walkthrough of my 3 favorite aesthetics!

This class gives you the power to triple down on any design you love by becoming able to now create it in 3 unique versions!


Sending You Love And Light!

-Jarran & Kelcey 🕊

What People Are Saying

Angel S

"Regardless of your current designing skill level, this course will be immensely helpful to hone and build your designing skills to help you create best selling designs on any ecommerce platform. Even as an experienced designer I found this course incredibly helpful. I could not recommend this course more!!!!"

"This is so raw and real and you are genuinely giving us your thought process and welcoming us all inside your brain to share all this knowledge. THANK YOU!" -Kaila

"The number one issue people seem to have is learning what makes a great and selling design. I’m a designer myself and I found Jarran’s tips incredibly helpful and to the point. It will absolutely impact the way that I design and I’d highly recommend anyone who is new to T-shirt designing to take this class. You might think you understand what goes into a good design but J and K show you how to go from good to great." -Alex

Jill - "Browsing Etsy, it's easy to see shirts that sell and guess as to why some designs do better than others. Watching Jarran use his proven design methods and explain why he's making the choices he does really breaks the design process down and sets me up to make better choices to design for several different demographics of Etsy customers. It's fascinated to watch someone who's made and sold thousands of designs do his thing, and the tools he's teaching are great motivators! Thanks, Life Hacker Couple!"

My mind was blown! I am such a visual learner, and this is exactly what I needed. Literally the last piece of the puzzle for me. -April

“The design course every T-shirt seller needs to take, so much value!!” -Cassandra

Like a new age Bob Ross digital design style! (But way cooler) Life Hacker Couple, you never disappoint! I have had my shop open since May, thinking I knew all the tips and tricks about designing by now...Little did I know, I haven’t even scratched the surface! Lol I can not wait to dig deep into my shop and create more aesthetics for each of my designs! I also learned some new Over hacks. I don’t think Jarran even realized that he was teaching little tips and tricks along the way, just by allowing us to see his thought process and the tools he uses while creating. Super cool experience. Worth the investment. Eager for what’s next! Thank you J and K! -Jenny


This class is super fantastic! First LHC gave the SEO secrets, now they are taking it to the next level and revealing the design secrets for making a successful POD store in Etsy! This has been a god send especially for people like me that are not designers by trade and take hours to perfect a design So many time saving hacks and design principles included! Thank you Jarren and Kelsey! -Sreela





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