📗 Etsy Evergreen Blueprint

Save a ton of time by taking all the guesswork out of what Evergreen Etsy niches are best!

Also, have peace of mind knowing the SEO we provide for each niche has a solid year around track record. 

You now have in your hands a full road map of what to create that sells BEST for the entire year!

And now you can get back to what is most important, creating amazing things that people love!


Sending You Love And Light!

-J&K 🕊

What People Are Saying

I can’t believe the LHC is actually giving the full keys to the kingdom. I feel so lucky to have found them. This ebook gives you 6 incredible niches to focus on, all the keywords for the niches, instructions on how to best use the information in the book. I could not ask for more. They are so invested in their mission in helping others create financial freedom. —April 

I’m in awe. With the niches in this book, and the SEO the Life Hacker Couple has proven will sell, this book will quickly pay for itself! This book is an inspiration and such a gift to entrepreneurs like me who would like to make this gig full time. Following the advice in the videos, I’ve already made thousands. Using the tools in this book really will lead to endless cash flow! It’s been proven by the authors, who may be a little crazy to share it with the world. Pure gold. -Jill

Get it before the authors change their minds and take the key back -Amy

Wow!!! Seriously WOW. I have learned so much from Life Hacker Couple, through their YouTube channel. I have been able to build a business in less than a year and I have always been so grateful for their knowledge. The only thing that I was never fully sure of, was my SEO. Now I feel confident that this book will take my shop to the next level!!!! So generous, as always Jarran and Kelcey!!! You are changing lives, one listing at a time! -Jenny P

Believe it or not, this is a priceless shortcut to eliminate the guesswork of a real business, not a get-rich-quick scheme. This SEO could only be the result of extended experimentation, this is proven to work, and definitely no app or tool can match this. Thank you!

-Marina & Mauricio

Shelly: LHC providing the identification of key niches along with the inclusion of tested SEO has allowed me to develop my plan for adding listings to my Etsy shop. Not to be overlooked is the guidance Jarran and Kelcey provide regarding the number and types of listing per niche. I need to wrap this up, I have some designing to do!

This Evergreen Blueprint INSTANTLY unlocks fool-proof unlimited earning potential to help you launch and scale a successful e-commerce business in 2021 and beyond. I am so excited and grateful to own this invaluable SEO resource that will help me attain my 2021 small business goals! -Angel

In the words of the Life Hacker Couple this little book is the “Keys To The Kingdom” I having been pulling my hair out with SEO just not quite getting it. Now I Do. AND made a sale within hours of using the SEO in one of the Evergreen niches suggested. Invest in this book. You won’t regret it -Alison

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📗 Etsy Evergreen Blueprint -By: LHC